Automated Machine Operation

When robot operates machines

Machine operation automation turns your production into one smooth-running mechanism. The collaborative robot in charge of the machine works without delays and downtimes, therefore saving precious time. The machines are never off or run empty when cared for by a caring robotic arm. The machine operation's automation also includes a tailor-made solution for the supply of raw material or removal of finished products into the machine safe zone for further logistics operations. Ideally, this is solved in a way that allows for the creation of stocks that allow manual operator’s intervention after a longer period.

Robotisation of production has an immediate effect on the overall efficiency of the company. Our customers confirm that machines operated by a collaborative robot is 20% more efficient than the same human-operated machine. Investment in collaborative robots operating all kinds of machinery has a usual return within 2 years.


Which machines can be operated automatically

Our collaborative AUBO robots take up less space than humans and can work horizontally or be attached to the ceiling when needed.
They will take care of the smooth operation of CNC machines, machining centres, lathes, milling machines, presses, vibrating welders, injection moulding machines and other industrial machines. When machines are operated by a robot, there is no waste of precious production time.

Leave the stereotype to robots, people can do more meaningful work

Human NO! Cobot AUBO Yeah!!!

Loses efficiency in repetitive activities

Does not make mistakes in monotonous work

In case of dangerous work, needs protective equipment

Can work in risk environments

Needs breaks for lunch, sleeping and vacations

Works without breaks 24/7

Training takes time

Learns new things in a minute

Is subjected to environmental influences - assists colleagues around, solves unexpected situations and problems Stubbornly focuses on its task

Automation Options and Industry 4.0

KINALI robotic systems provide data connection to any superior ERP or MES system. Our collaborative robots respond precisely in the spirit of Industry 4.0 to the stimuli of other production nodes, can provide necessary information about their production cycles, provide statistics or automatically back up data.
The scalability of individual production nodes and their mutual connectivity brings higher efficiency and objective data from production. The advent of Industry 4.0 is becoming commonplace around the world. Those who get a head start in robotisation will be more competitive in globalised modern industry.

Automated Machine Operation Ensures

Financial savings

Financial savings

Have you calculated how much you spend on complaints per year? From now on, you can throw all your worries away.

Stable production

Stable production

You will produce without downtime and delays. Precise calculation of the delivery date before each order.

Less error rates

Less error rates

Precise product handling and optical quality control reduces scrap to zero.

Information from production

Information from production

Makes available all production data and your machines will know what to do.

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