Production Data Monitoring, Visualisation and Traceability

Software tools for monitoring production data and machines are generally used to reduce the necessary interventions by operators and to make better use of production machines.

Storing production data not only allows their subsequent visualisation in order to identify weaknesses in the production process, but also their storage over time for possible traceability in the event of future needs.

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 What data can be monitored and visualised

  • Current state of production machines
  • Production cycle length
  • Production machines utilisation efficiency - ratio of work to downtime
  • Number of products produced
  • Errors of production machine over time
  • Number of products with a defect over time
  • Any other parameters offered by the production machine SW interface

Leave stereotype and challenging tasks to computers, people can do more meaningful work

Human NO! Software solution Yeah!!!

Non-objective and cognitively distorted data

Always accurate and undistorted outputs

Delayed response to stimuli

Possibility of automatic response to stimuli

Traceability only if the operator correctly created the data or did not forget to enter it into the system

100% historical data and product traceability

The absence of large historical data in one place makes it impossible to detect recurring behavioural patterns

Possibility of applying artificial intelligence for backward analysis

Difficult assessment procedural measures - the human factor always plays a role here Easy monitoring of improving process measurements


100% traceability

100% traceability

It does not matter whether you need to trace data about your products in a year or in five. The data safely waits for you.

Stable operation

Stable operation

By constantly monitoring production, you get enough data to prevent problems before they occur.

Higher efficiency

Higher efficiency

Data collection and visualisation over time allows identifying the reasons for deviations from efficient operation.

Absolute overview

Absolute overview

All required production data is always available and at hand. You can access it also from your mobile phone.

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