Optical Quality Control

Quality Control Industrial Automation

KINALI provides complex services in the area of industrial automation of quality control.

We build all our systems on our own computing units with integrated industrial cameras. That way, we have the entire process under control and even venture to implement projects that most companies of the same segment do not have technological capacity for. To prove our competences, there are implemented projects that ensure reliable functionality in the most challenging conditions: glossy or transparent material of the inspected product / requirement to check the product from all sides (360° inspection) / high rate of the line (1000pcs/min) / high accuracy requirement (>0.01mm) / need for 3D measurement, etc.

With KINALI, our clients receive a solution directly from the manufacturer – because we use unique components, we are able to design truly customized product optic control. The comparative advantage against complex systems suffering from excessive generality is shown not only in the quality control itself, but also later during the operative solution of possible changes in production.

Dimension Control

Product dimension control is one of the basic tasks in the field of engineering. We are able to offer our clients universal machines for product dimension control. Our measuring machines always work on the optic basis - that is touch-free. The aim is to maximally speed up the measuring process and so allow for the measurement of a larger number of products in the same time.

For measuring, we only use VICO telecentric lenses and lightning, which guarantee high measurement accuracy in um. Based on particular customer requirements, we are able to place cameras on the measuring devices in such a way that they cover dimensions of any product. Each measuring axis can also be manually, as well as motor adjusted.

KINALI Measuring System Parameters:

  • Accurate measurement in um
  • Size checks in seconds compared to long minutes when measuring on touch stations
  • Organized and user-friendly interface
  • 2D and 3D operations


BMD Tools

Adjusting machine which gains characteristics of machining tools by real-time image analysis. 

Surface Control

Due to the unique combination of state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to implement for our customers 360° product surface control. During the inspection, artificial intelligence principles, advanced methods of object scanning are used. Such data is then processed using a set of our own libraries of computer vision. The combination of such elements allows for identification of grazes, scratches, lapses, shakes or other flaws on the entire surface of a product, no matter what production material was used.

Areas of use

  • Large flat surfaces
  • Drawn material – wires, tubes
  • Plates and other smaller products placed on conveyors

KINALI Control System Parameters:

  • 360° quality control
  • High control speed – up to 1000pcs/min
  • Functionality for different materials – wood, metal, plastic
  • Recognition of a large number of product categories due to artificial intelligence engagement



Improved effectiveness of faulty part detection before their fitting into printed circuit boards.  The imperfect detection of incorrect grasping of spare parts by a mounting head caused their wrongful placement on the printed circuit board. That led to a wrongfully or completely non-functioning board.

Colour Durability Control

Long experience in the field of computer vision allows us to implement projects of large-area control of product colour durability. Such projects combine excellent knowledge of scanning/reading technique options and the influence of physical effects (e.g. different temperature) on their performance. Hence, our devices account for an important aid in cases when it is necessary to keep identical colour for the entire production batch of a product, may the production of the product continuously last minutes or days.

KINALI control system parameters:

  • Quality control of small-sized surface or large plane surface
  • Ability to identify colour divergence in tenths of ΔE
  • Ability to check surface in motion
  • Ability to work in high operational temperatures
  • Suitable for extruded material checks

Customized Quality Control Automation

You were not able to find quality control system in our portfolio that would meet your requirements? Never mind!

Our company focuses on customized solutions. Let our analysts precisely map your needs on which our developers further build and design for you exactly what you want and need.

In addition, for our solutions we do not use third-party tools, we only use our own tools and library. Like that, we have everything under control all the time which allows us to solve complex and unexpected situations very quickly even in go live operations.

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