Dimension Control

Product dimension control is one of the basic tasks in the field of engineering. We are able to offer our clients universal machines for product dimension control. Our measuring machines always work on the optic basis - that is touch-free. The aim is to maximally speed up the measuring process and so allow for the measurement of a larger number of products in the same time.

For measuring, we only use VICO telecentric lenses and lightning, which guarantee high measurement accuracy in um. Based on particular customer requirements, we are able to place cameras on the measuring devices in such a way that they cover dimensions of any product. Each measuring axis can also be manually, as well as motor adjusted.

KINALI Measuring System Parameters:

  • Accurate measurement in um
  • Size checks in seconds compared to long minutes when measuring on touch stations
  • Organized and user-friendly interface
  • 2D and 3D operations

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