Industrial Lenses

Top cameras won’t miss anything, not even the smallest details. Optical quality control evaluates everything with 100% accuracy.

With leading-edge industrial lenses, we can even handle complicated projects easily where high accuracy of the captured image is required. Comprehensive machine vision solutions cannot manage without quality lenses and illuminators.

With the help of VICO industrial lenses and KINALI computer vision, you can significantly streamline product measurement, testing or their quality control. Camera always sees better than a human.

We have many years' experience with VICO telecentric lenses in dozens of machine vision applications. In all projects, we and our satisfied clients get constantly convinced of the excellent parameters of these lenses.


Possibilities of VICO industrial lenses

In addition to the favourable performance/price ratio, our telecentric lenses are among the absolute top aperture, or in the suppression of contrast degradation. They display the scanned object in the same dimensions regardless of their distance from the camera, so they can also handle absolute accurate measurement or control of products on a moving belt.

The high accuracy of VICO telecentric lenses also enables their use in devices in charge of quality control of meters or calibration instruments according to the Czech Metrology Institute's strict standards.

With the use of industrial lenses and advanced machine vision, you will not only have a better production overview, but also objective data about all products and their quality.


Financial savings

Financial savings

Have you calculated how much you spend on complaints per year? From now on, you can throw all your worries away.

Customer reputation

Customer reputation

Your customers will always speak well of you.

Higher production

Higher production

Production pace will no longer be slowing down the speed of your production.

Defect-free production

Defect-free production

Your production will be 100% free of defects. Forever.

Production automation will decide your company's success in the coming years

Industrial production robotisation and automation is becoming more and more intensive from year to year. The advent of Industry 4.0 is not a question for the future but is happening right now. The result of innovation is greater flexibility and speed, thanks to which a modern society can respond to any demands of the global market. A small or medium-sized company that can produce and deliver quickly can compete with large but slow groups.

Optical quality control enables you to produce high-quality products thanks for which you will gain a reputation and become more trustworthy for your business partners.

A decisive factor in the success of manufacturing companies will be the more efficient use of human power in the next decade. Leave the hard work to robots, measurement or quality control to cameras and artificial intelligence to take care of data and production processes. Automation will ensure higher efficiency and associated profits.


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Are you building your own camera system and need a perfect lens for accurate measurements? We will help you out!

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Are you building your own camera system and need a perfect lens for accurate measurements? We will help you out!

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