KINALI Values and Mission

Our mission and values help each individual team member to keep in mind where KINALI, as a complex organism consisting of individuals with different personalities, needs and visions of personal fulfillment, is heading and what role it wants to play in this world.

Mission KINALI 

"Our mission is to simplify work for people in an industrial environment."

KINALI Core Values

The core values that we cherish at KINALI are not the result of some management brainstorming or the creative hand of a writer. They are the result of compromise by our entire team. Many team sessions were dedicated to defining our values, and every team member was able to participate in designing and voting on them. So this is not "gibberish" for the company bulletin board. We chose these values and gave them a stamp of formality because most of the team agrees with them and because we live them every day.

We like humour, we don't shy away from irony and sarcasm

At KINALI we value a good sense of humour, which brings lightness and positive energy to our work. Irony and sarcasm are a way for us to face challenges with a smile and not take ourselves too seriously. We believe that work can be fun and that laughter is the key to creative and innovative thinking.


We keep up with the times

At KINALI, we are enthusiasts of modern technology and constantly follow the latest trends. Our projects are a testament to our ability to adapt and innovate to stay one step ahead. We move with the times because we want our solutions to be not only up-to-date, but also beneficial for the future. This is reflected, for example, in the annual training budget for each employee, support in the use of the latest technologies and tools, etc.

We look for solutions, not culprits

At KINALI, we focus on finding effective solutions instead of wasting time looking for culprits. We approach problems constructively, with the goal of finding the best possible way to solve them. This approach promotes a positive working environment and team collaboration.


Sustainable development and engineering

At KINALI, we place great emphasis on sustainability and a responsible approach to development. Our projects are designed to be not only innovative but also environmentally friendly. For us, sustainable development means creating solutions that are efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

A balanced work and personal life

At KINALI, we value the work-life balance of our employees. We support flexible working hours and home office options to enable our team to find the right balance. We believe that a happy life leads to a better job and vice versa.


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