Robotic Systems

Robotic Systems – A Universal Tool Capturing the High Pace and Variability of Modern Production

For a production company to be able to flexibly react to dynamically changing customer needs, its assembly line also needs to consist of scalable hubs. Robotic systems, without question, are such a tool. At one moment, the robot is able to unload components from a bin and right after, it can replace a sick employee at the belt of a packaging machine.

In KINALI, we build robotic systems on the AUBO robot platform. These robots show excellent parameters, however, at the same time are not as costly as some renowned brands. Thus, the integration of the robotic system to your production process is much more affordable than before.

The use of a robotic arm in combination with a 3D camera for space orientation provide for high added value. In KINALI, we implement this solution anywhere where it is essential to allocate the exact grasping, cutting or welding point of the product. The developing logistic technology “bin picking” is a chapter of its own.


  • Unloading of unsorted material from bins and boxes – bin picking
  • Optic quality checks of the surface of shape-challenging objects where it is necessary to expose the product to light reflection from different sides
  • 3D product measurement
  • Manipulation associated with assembly line inspection; the assembly line producing a wide range of variable products
  • Work tasks requiring cooperation between a worker and a robot
  • Unpleasant or life-endangering environment


The POPELKA Bin Picking System

POPELKA represents an indispensable aid for internal logistics of a company. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies – artificial intelligence, 3D scene scanning and AUBO robots – led to the creation of a unique tool for unloading of unsorted material from bins and boxes and its further distribution within the production. POPELKA on its own is able to “learn” the manipulated object, hence minimum interaction with the operator.


Benefits of the POPELKA robotic system:

  • Rapid return on investment
  • Quick working cycle (as quick as 5s)
  • An option to unload any bin or box (up to size 1200 x 800 mm)
  • Simple introduction to production – POPELKA learns everything on its own, or as the case may be, you can facilitate the process with our simple software
  • Absolute reliability
  • Precise 3D camera ensures continual overview of the bin content, in addition the camera also helps to perform regular robotic arm recalibration. Hence, POPELKA maintains repeatability <0.1mm.
  • Wide range of use – owing to universal manipulators, POPELKA is able to work with any and every object
  • 24/7  deployment



POPELKA bin picking system is a universal aid for unloading of unsorted material from any bin or box.

Customized Robotic System

You were not able to find a robotic system in our portfolio that would meet your requirements? Never mind!

Our company focuses on customized solutions. Let our analysts precisely map your needs on which our developers further build and design for you exactly what you want and need. In addition, for our solutions we do not use third-party tools, we only use our own tools and library. Like that, we have everything under control all the time which allows us to solve complex and unexpected situations very quickly even in go live operations.

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