Colour Control

We control product colour and its durability

Thanks to years of experience, KINALI is an expert in integrating machine vision applications.

Distinguishing products by colour and monitoring their colour durability is an extremely complex discipline. Thanks to perfect knowledge of scanning technology possibilities and the influence of different temperatures on its work, we manage similar projects with flying colours. Top quality cameras detect the slightest colour variations and even recognise the most subtle shades.


Which products can be controlled?

  • Quality control of small surfaces and large areas
  • Curved and planar products
  • Glossy and matt products
  • Static and moving products
  • Products formed at high temperatures (e.g., by extrusion)

Leave the stereotype and challenging tasks to machines, people can do more meaningful work

Human NO! Optical control system Yeah!!!

Suffers from fatigue

Always works with the same alert

During shift operation, the products are always checked by a different person with different metrics

Always works with the same objectivity

Needs breaks, vacation ... Works constantly
Needs constant training and refreshers in case of changes In case of changes, just needs a modification of a few parameters
Can only work at a limited speed Control 12pieces per second? No problem
Manually reports defect statistics from production Automated reporting that is always correct and accurate

Automation options and industry 4.0

KINALI optical control systems provide data connection to any superior ERP or MES system. Our cameras respond precisely in the spirit of Industry 4.0 to the stimuli of other production nodes, can provide the results of their controls, provide statistics or automatically back up data.
The scalability of individual production nodes and their mutual connectivity brings higher efficiency and objective data from production. The advent of Industry 4.0 is becoming commonplace around the world. Those who get a head start in digitisation will be more competitive in globalised modern industry.


Financial savings

Financial savings

Have you calculated how much you spend on complaints per year? From now on, you can throw all your worries away.

Customer reputation

Customer reputation

Your customers will always speak well of you.

Higher production

Higher production

Control pace will no longer be slowing down the speed of your production.

Defect-free production

Defect-free production

Your production will be 100% free of defects. Forever.

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Couldn’t find your product here?
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