We impressed with our Test-it-off solution at the INDUSTRY DAYS and AMPER trade fairs

Technically oriented trade fairs bring visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to learn about trends across industries, strengthen relationships with partners and gain valuable contacts. For these reasons, KINALI regularly participates in important trade fairs, not only in this country but also abroad. Here are a few observations from the past INDUSTRY DAYS in Budapest and AMPER in Brno, where we were not to be missed.

Budapest alive with industry and automation technology

The INDUSTRY DAYS trade fair took place in the Hungarian capital from 10 May to 13 May and finally went live after a long hiatus. We were represented by CEO Radek Štourač at the fair, which we attended for the fourth time on behalf of KINALI. However, a little teambuilding took place before the trip to Budapest - moving the exhibit from the cramped office space to the van required the help of many team members.

The event had a huge scope and attracted thousands of visitors thanks to its connection with the MACH TECH and AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY trade fairs. We are glad to have had the opportunity to meet other automation professionals and exchange our experiences.

A significant part of the visitors was also the non-professional public. In Budapest, residents staying in the vicinity of the exhibition centre have free admission all year round, so many came out of curiosity to take a look (and also to taste goodies or take away promotional items).

Comprehensive solution for PCB testing impressed

At the fair, we formed a perfectly functioning team together with our partners and presented a comprehensive PCB testing solution to visitors. KINALI was responsible for automation in the form of a Test-it-off solution using AUBO collaborative robots. The ICT/FCT testing area was presented by our partner Unites and a representative from MG products was with us for the supply of test adapters.

How does the cooperation between the partners work in practice? MG products supplies the box with automated opening and closing, Unites creates the needle box and test program for the specific PCB and we automate the whole thing. The distributor of the joint solution for the Hungarian market is ANYTEST, which also hosted us at the fair.

We introduced test-it-off also in Brno

We enjoyed our days in the Hungarian capital to the fullest. We strengthened our relationships with partners and long-term customers and had a "little" to drink. We did not, however, have much rest from the fair fun. On 17 May, our favourite fair AMPER started in Brno, where all of the KINALI development team took turns. As this was our fifth participation, we knew what to expect from the fair. Even so, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors at the booth and their positive reactions to the test-it-off solution.

On Friday, countless high school and university students stopped by the booth. This was the day at the fair primarily for students. We took the opportunity to present the opportunities and benefits of working at KINALI in the form of a recruitment event. It even looks like our team will grow by another skilled professional.

At AMPER under the wings of MP Elektronik

We were at the booth of our partner MP Elektronik at the AMPER trade fair, which presented the latest technologies for smart homes, energy, transport, networks, IoT and Industry 4.0. This company is our representative for the Czech market and gave us a lot of space for presentation, for which we thank them. MP Elektronik's stand located in Hall F was one of the largest in the whole fair.

We made the most of our partner's strong position in selling equipment for electronics manufacturers and presented all the benefits of the Test-it-off solution to visitors. Perhaps everyone active in the industry at least stopped by the booth, so we had no shortage of attention throughout the fair.

What participation in trade fairs has brought us

In addition to strengthening relationships and gaining new contacts, we took away a number of important lessons from the fairs. Based on conversations with customers, we found interest in using the Test-it-off system for inspecting products other than PCBs.

We received three requests for a solution for product inspection using a camera mounted on a robot arm. A defect-free product is first placed in the automated robot workstation to serve as a reference. The robot will be guided to individual points of interest for product inspection, which it will evaluate based on the reference (defect-free) piece. We are thinking intensively about this use of the existing Test-it-off solution and are already taking the first steps to enable implementation in practice.

It has been confirmed once again that physical participation at trade fairs and other industry events is of great importance to KINALI. We will continue to strengthen relationships, establish new contacts and present our work in the future. If you visit one of the trade fairs where we confirm our participation, we will be happy to meet you at our booth.

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