Our corporate values

The process of value creation has been a long-term affair in KINALI. All the teams commented on them, and it was this phase that took longer, because it is difficult to perfectly define something that we have as a fluctuating feeling within us.

The KINALI teams came together and the discussions and final vote resulted in corporate values that we at KINALI consider essential.

We like humour, we don't shy away from irony and sarcasm.

We really don't go far for fun, humour relieves stress and improves mood. Friendly banter is the order of the day in the teams. Our environment is casual, we don't insist on name-calling, we are equal in our dealings. You won't even find a prescribed dress code. Each team has a budget for informal meetings or lunches together.


We're moving with the times.

It's clear that in any IT company there is perhaps even an obligation to move with the times when it comes to new technologies or approaches. It would also be very unwise to resist innovation.  This value of ours also includes self-development, continuous learning; at KINALI we don't want to leave people stunted. A personal self-development budget of 25 000 CZK per year is used to support this. Each individual can use it to purchase what they feel is important to their development, whether it is attending a departmental conference or language courses, a coach, a psychologist, in short anything that they believe could help them in their work.

We are looking for solutions, not culprits.

Each of us approaches our work with personal responsibility. But if something goes wrong, which can happen to anyone, we don't get caught up in who's to blame, we help each other to fix it.


Sustainable development and engineering

KINALI's developers and testers are true heartthrobs and want to do more than good work. What they work on has to make sense to them and they also want their work to be readable and usable for the future. We want the products we create to be able to exist for a really long time. This starts with intensive requirements gathering that allows us to influence a broad group of users. It continues with timeless technology selection, architecture, code coverage of automated tests, and intensity of manual ones. In an industrial environment, products are developed on a horizon of 10 years or more. In HW and engineering, we strive for smart, robust and flexible solutions that can cope with different usage approaches (for example, automated mode of operation and, in cases of failure that we really don't like to see, manual mode of operation. Yes, our solutions keep this in mind as well.)

Balanced work and personal life

Home office, hybrid work are terms that are used wherever the nature of work allows. At our company, we also have these possibilities and we appreciate the fact that we can use them. If communication works in a team, everything works, no matter if it's online or offline. But it's not just about this, at KINALI we also organise events for employees' children, and there are also completely voluntary activities outside of work that allow us to see each other outside of work hours and strengthen friendships.


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