Mycronic has extended its cooperation with KINALI. Software for high-tech projects will be developed in Brno

Swedish technology corporation Mycronic strengthens its cooperation with KINALI. Our company will now be involved in the development of software for the high-tech projects division. Machines that no one else can produce at this level are being developed there.

In Mycronic's high-tech division, for example, machines for the production of high-precision templates are created. Every nanometre plays a role (for comparison, a human hair is 18,000 nanometres in average). The machines are an indispensable part of the production chain of many electronic devices that we use in our daily lives. And no one but Mycronic can produce them at this level.

For this reason, the Swedish company's machines are used by, among others, all manufacturers of modern displays. Any display that you use (on your phone, tablet, in your car or anywhere else) was created thanks to Swedish technology. Mycronic machines have their imprint in the production chain of many other devices - from medical devices to rovers exploring the surface of space bodies. And they have also left their mark in the products of one premium brand of computers and mobile devices.

KINALI has been supplying industrial software to Mycronic since its inception. Radek Štourač, co-owner and CEO of KINALI, explains the origins of the cooperation: "Our company was founded in 2006 to cover the design and further development of software applications supplied to Mycronic. This cooperation has been lasting till now and it is crucial part of our economy."

The KINALI team will use its know-how in creating systems for production data monitoring, visualisation and traceability. Other Mycronic divisions have had experience with the Brno team in this regard. Thanks to the excellent results of the cooperation, the division in charge of high-tech development has also opted for the same model.

The collaboration has a clear goal - to create a dedicated data platform and associated analytical data visualization tool. The tools will provide a highly scalable and geographically distributed set of services and data, on a global scale. KINALI envisions supporting the latest integration standards for machine interoperability from various vendors.

"Thanks to the project, KINALI will soon be looking for candidates for new unique development positions in Brno (and probably elsewhere in the Czech Republic). Those who fill these positions will be involved in developing technologies for the whole world, and even for deep space", concludes Štourač.

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