Industry 4.0 – Software QA guru

Have you already completed several apps and are looking for something different? Are you tired of constantly clicking on things that don’t help anyone in the end? Or perhaps editing pieces of code written by someone else?

Come and try something new with us! Something in which we set our own technological standards. Something that will considerably improve the lives of many people worldwide.


We are developing a new graphical interface (UI) for Mycronic assembly machines which are the leaders in the industry. It's called Industry 4.0. We have a real machine available (to play with) in our office in Brno. Recently we managed to connect a prototype application and the machine, so there are really cool things ahead of us.

Our team is small but very effective. We all multitask. Everyone does what they can, but everyone to the fullest and the best of their ability. We share information with each other and we learn and grow together. And that's despite the fact that we mainly work remotely.

During development, we try to make the most of existing users' UX and then involve them in the process. We try to operate within the Feature Driven Development, so the development cycle corresponds to it.



To fit in with us, you have to be responsible and independent. You should understand that the result of the entire team and the project depend on your work. Obviously, we're going to have to fill you in on everything and explain many things. In return, we expect to learn a lot from you, too. And that you're going to take the whole project a little further. You should have a vision of what a modern app should look like.

We think that automation is the way forward. We don't underestimate the importance of manual testing. But the control of clearly defined user scenarios based on the real use of the machine in production is currently troubling us.

Technology is entirely up to us, actually up to you, we are flirting with Cypress for FE testing and Postman for BE testing. But we're open to recommendations in any direction.


What we urgently need

  • writing automated tests for FE and BE on the basis of user scenarios
  • FE – development is done in Vue.js, testing in Cypress (JS)
  • BE – development in .NET + GraphQL, currently testing manually in Postman (JSON) 
  • cooperation in the design of CI/CD pipelines (use of written tests)
  • responsibility for selecting technologies and assistance with their deployment
  • orientation in GIT versioning and preferably GitLab pipelines
  • experience in monitoring and logging performance applications (stress and performance tests)


You're almost there if you like or if you know how to do the following:

  • operation of simple Linux servers
  • creation and deployment of Docker containers (compose)
  • administration and creation of UX tests (A/B test, click rate, user flow, etc.)
  • orientation in C# or JS



  • type of contract: main employment or self-employment
  • you can work in our Brno office or even remotely
  • you have a large budget for education and self-development
  • we have flexible hours, it's the results that are important, not when you work

What products will you create in this position?

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