Wire and Tube Measurement

3D Wires opti control – a device for continual measurement of products manufactured by material drawing

3D opti control is a compact device with minimum space requirements. All components are ready for one structure. This solution allows for an easy transfer of the device to a place of current need. The position of the measuring head is wide-set to reach optimal position at any production line. The measuring head can also be moved to the service position, which if needed fully clears the space for material passage.

Technical Parameters of the Inspection Device

  • High reliability for different profiles of drawn material (circle, ellipsis, triangle)
  • Mono-axial/duo-axial measurement alternatives
  • Resistance against different inspected material (e.g. transparent material)
  • Permanent inspection up to material flow 100m/min
  • Product checks up to 300mm
  • Measurement accuracy up to 0.002mm
  • Option to measure up to 8 filaments at once
  • External system connection support (stock and accounting systems, ERP, etc.)
  • Product label printing support
  • Graphs and statistics providing topical overview of production and number of faulty pieces

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