Product Profile Measurement Based on CAD

Our profilometers focus on the maximal acceleration of product outer diameter measurements. Contrary to touch-3D measuring stations, the speed of measurement at our profilometers shifts from minutes to seconds, therefore a much larger number of products are measured within the same time. Emphasis is also put on the ease of measurement task inputs. For most tasks, it is enough to enter dimensioned CAD file to the profilometer.

For measuring, we only use VICO telecentric lenses and lightning, which guarantee high measurement accuracy in um. Based on particular customer requirements, we are able to place cameras on the measuring devices in such a way that they cover dimensions of any product. Each measuring axis can also be manually, as well as motor adjusted.

KINALI Profilometer Technical Parametes:

  • Accurate measurement in um
  • Size checks in seconds compared to long minutes when measuring on touch stations
  • Organized and user-friendly interface
  • Measuring option with front/ rear lightning

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