Single-Purpose Machines

Single-purpose machines with integrated optic production control

The KINALI development team specializes on projects integrating optimal product manipulation and highly sophisticated optic quality control with an option to deploy artificial intelligence

The high productivity of single-purpose machines from our workshop is given by the innovative approach and experience of our developers – yet also by quality analysis that precedes every new order. No matter whether it is a self standing machine (where the operator inserts the inspected product manually) or a fully automated inspection device integrated into the production line. Both cases represent a challenge for our specialists. Simply, we enjoy our work.


  • Design and construct a single-purpose machine for optic control of your products
  • Solve the integration of an inspection device into the current production line
  • Connect the inspection device to the current management and information system
  • Provide for a device calibration certificate
  • Keep the machine in its best (100%) operating condition with quick reaction time in case of failure detection
  • Service and maintain your device on a regular basis



  • Measurement of product sizes
  • Checks for the presence of key product parts
  • Colour/colour durability checks
  • Search for surface imperfections
  • Artificial intelligence product separation to individual categories

 We are ready to build a customized solution for you!

Wire and Tube Measurement

3D Wires opti control – a device for continual measurement of products manufactured by material drawing

3D opti control is a compact device with minimum space requirements. All components are ready for one structure. This solution allows for an easy transfer of the device to a place of current need. The position of the measuring head is wide-set to reach optimal position at any production line. The measuring head can also be moved to the service position, which if needed fully clears the space for material passage.

Technical Parameters of the Inspection Device

  • High reliability for different profiles of drawn material (circle, ellipsis, triangle)
  • Mono-axial/duo-axial measurement alternatives
  • Resistance against different inspected material (e.g. transparent material)
  • Permanent inspection up to material flow 100m/min
  • Product checks up to 300mm
  • Measurement accuracy up to 0.002mm
  • Option to measure up to 8 filaments at once
  • External system connection support (stock and accounting systems, ERP, etc.)
  • Product label printing support
  • Graphs and statistics providing topical overview of production and number of faulty pieces


3D Wires opti control sytem for 3D printer filament measurement

3D Wire opti control system has been installed in the Plasty Mladeč company to inspect 3D printer filament sizes.

Product Profile Measurement Based on CAD

Our profilometers focus on the maximal acceleration of product outer diameter measurements. Contrary to touch-3D measuring stations, the speed of measurement at our profilometers shifts from minutes to seconds, therefore a much larger number of products are measured within the same time. Emphasis is also put on the ease of measurement task inputs. For most tasks, it is enough to enter dimensioned CAD file to the profilometer.

For measuring, we only use VICO telecentric lenses and lightning, which guarantee high measurement accuracy in um. Based on particular customer requirements, we are able to place cameras on the measuring devices in such a way that they cover dimensions of any product. Each measuring axis can also be manually, as well as motor adjusted.

KINALI Profilometer Technical Parametes:

  • Accurate measurement in um
  • Size checks in seconds compared to long minutes when measuring on touch stations
  • Organized and user-friendly interface
  • Measuring option with front/ rear lightning

Calibrated Length Measurement

FoldingRuler opti control – inspection device for the automation of declared length verification

The device is designed for automated measuring of the product length. The device is able to measure the product by individual sections or simply to evaluate the total length.

Due to the telecenric lens, the device is indulgent to accuracy of the establishment of the measured object within the device, which speeds up the process and makes the use of the device friendlier.

Inspection Device Technical Parameters:

  • Maximum length of the measured device is 3m
  • Measurement accuracy up to 0.025 mm
  • Support of connection to external systems (stock and accounting systems, ERP, etc.)
  • Support of product label printing
  • Graphs and statistics providing topical overview of production and faulty pieces


FoldingRuler opti control system for folding ruler measurements

FoldingRuler opti control works in the Metrie company to verify declared lengths of folding rulers.


Customized Single-Purpose Machine

You were not able to find a single-purpose machine in our portfolio that would meet your requirements? Never mind!

Our company focuses on customized solutions. Let our analysts precisely map your needs on which our developers further build and design for you exactly what you want and need.

In addition, for our solutions we do not use third-party tools, we only use our own tools and library. Like that, we have everything under control all the time which allows us to solve complex and unexpected situations very quickly even in go live operations.

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