Technology Benefits

Examples of computer imaging best practice in various industries


Production companies

  • Quality checks of product surface for the presence of scratches and cracks
  • Product size control with respect of norms and margins
  • Colour and colour durability recognition as part of the batch
  • Product tracking during the assembly line path – assembly line time tracking, searching of a place where a damage occurred, or where the product spent most of the time

Plastics Industry

  • Continual filament, wire and tube measuring, including roundness assessment
  • Colour durability measuring of extruded plastic boards
  • Surface quality checks of extruded plastic boards for flaws and scratches
  • Size checks of extruded material and pressed parts
  • Boss and sink mark detection in press parts

Glass Industry

  • Glass receptacle checks for the presence of cracks during manufacturing

Electrical Engineering

  • Creation of SMD parts data description from camera images and subsequent import to mounting machines
  • Quality checks of SMD parts mounting

Mechanical Engineering

  • Machining tool adjustment
  • Bearing size control
  • Size verification of workpieces and mechanical engineering products

Car Industry

  • 100% automated control production coverage
  • Navigation of robotic arms
  • Insulation overlapping checks of contact PINs in connectors
  • Process automation (product assembly correctness verification…)
  • Left/right separation of product modifications prior assembly line entering
  • Spare part identification by bar or matrix code

Food Industry

  • Number of products in a package counting
  • Bottle fullness checks
  • Bottle package crack and dent checks
  • Quality (maturity, kind, mould, etc.) separation of food products

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Packaging checks (number of pills)
  • Checks for the presence of all parts based on the package leaflet

Text Recognition and Reading

  • Identification by inscription, code or a characteristic sign (e.g. expiry period)
  • Smudged text on a product checks
  • Reading of seven segment displays (range of values monitoring, line reaction automation)