Our Offer

Long-standing practice, knowledge and experience in the industry of computer vision, focus on difficult applications requiring a customize proposal and solution.

Would you like to introduce an automated quality control in your production and nobody is able to help you? Is your project too “difficult” and you are afraid that the outcome will be uncertain? Or you would simply like to trust your project to a Czech company that is the creator and owner of all devices used, and so is always able to react promptly to problems you face?

Years spent dealing with the field of industrial automation and optic control enabled us to create a solid basis of libraries and functions for computer imaging, which we can further build on when implementing current projects. Everything we use is our work. Not only are we an integrator of solutions built on products of “smart camera” suppliers, we are also solution implementers. That means regular contact with our clients and their needs. We use the gained knowledge for continuous development and improvement of our software tools. A quality and reliable solution is always a combination of mutually precisely coordinated software and hardware. And so we only supply our projects with computer imaging components which we have personally tested and we trust. Based on our excellent experience with a number of brands, we have become their distributors for the Czech Republic.

The above mentioned makes us an ideal partner for companies in need for the system of optic quality control or for the entire single-purpose device for their production. The hardware, as well as the software we build on, enables us to deal even with difficult projects which cannot be solved without having all means and the means not being customized to the client’s needs. That way, we can also work on larger and more difficult projects, for which smart cameras and the supplied “serial” software are not enough.