Our History


It is the year 2006 and we found Kinalisoft as a purely “soft” – that is a software company. Our main focus is on software development for industrial process management.

We gain our first clients – big international companies – for which we do development, distribution and further maintenance of extensive industrial systems. Such experience provides us with an ability to get oriented in the needs and requirements of various clients, not only idea-wise but also culture-wise. We learnt to manage projects as professionals, all that in the international perspective.


We do our first projects integrating machine vision. After a while, we added experience with artificial intelligence and 3D image processing. That was the time when we realized that we can only offer a truly efficient and reliable solution to our clients when a complex solution is delivered – that means mutually coupled hardware and software.


The year 2013 comes and we definitively become “hard”, we start to deliver customized single-purpose devices.


Most of our production consists of solutions integrating hardware components. We make the sequential changes of the company aim visible – we discontinue using the brand Kinalisoft and move to “KINALI – by the means of computer vision” Results of the rebranding process are gradually mirrored in internal, as well as external company communication tools.

In 2017, we also move forward with our aim to provide a perfect solution for a reasonable price and we become an official distributor of VICO telecentric lenses.

A diverse and purposefully selected structure of our team of developers in the company enables us to view problems from a different angle than our competitors. That fact has been awarded by listing us among the most innovative companies of the South Moravian region (South Moravian Innovative Centre Catalogue, 2013) and by nominating us in EY Technology Entrepreneur contest of 2015. We invest millions of Czech Crowns to research and development every year. The products we create profit from our research activities. That is also why they have been more than once awarded in local, as well as international trade fairs or product contests.