About the Company

Our journey is a result of mutual efforts of creative individuals.
We are a purely Czech company, we look ahead and tremendously enjoy what we do. 

The development of Kinalisoft has been framed by a number of interesting projects from different industries. Small or big, they have all been interwoven with our main principle –to maximize the satisfaction of our customers. 

“KINALI” projects never end before we reach 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Our aim has always been and will continue to be the simplification of people’s work. 

Our focus has logically brought us to the field of industrial automation where a successful solution of a project saves people a lot of work, time and money. We are driven and fulfilled by the fact that we can save assembly line operators from difficult stereotypical activities which can be replaced by machines!

“People should create. Just like us. Therefore, we believe we are the right ingredient for the field of industrial automation. Particularly in this industry, every project represents a challenge where our creativity and tenacity can pay off.”

KINALI – We Do Intelligent Vision

We have always watched trends and new technologies. Acquired knowledge comes extremely handy in the field of industrial automation – thanks to that, we are able to solve problems which others avoid. We are able to connect hardware with state-of-the-art principles of optic quality control, artificial intelligence, 3D image acquisition, and so create for our clients unique single-purpose machines performing difficult tasks of product quality control. 

Bin picking – a challenge for our team of developers

We are serious about industrial automation. Our current focus on robotic systems bears witness of that. “Bin picking” system POPELKA has been currently the flagship product of our company.